Toronto STM 2022 April News and Prayers

  1. Pray for evangelism training and evangelism
  • Thanks be to the Lord for successful completion of the winter course. Please pray for the new course in Summer term: Evangelism With Gospel Scriptures Series. May the Lord motivate more believers to be equipped in response to the calling of mission.
  1. Please pray for Mall Evangelism at two Chinese Malls on April 16
  • This year’s theme:Resurrection and Hope。Pray that God will lead us and that New Kennedy Square and King’s Square will allow us to carry out the outreach program smoothly.
  • We will have 4 gospel game booths at New Kennedy Square and 7 game booths at King Square, the most number of game booths we’ve ever held at once. Pray that God will provide enough volunteers to help out and through the games more people will receive the message of good news.

A. Game Booths at New Kennedy Square (11:00am-3:00pm)

  1. Wonderful Israel Adventure(Computer version – English)
  2. The Prodigal Son(5-color Balls)
  3. Balloon
  4. Good Questions & Great Anwsers
  5. Personal Evangelism


BGame Booths at King’s Square (1:00pm- 5:00pm)

  1. I Found It!
  2. Balloons
  3. Wonderful Israel Adventure
  4. Five Colours of Gospels
  5. Photo Booth
  6. Wonderful Good News
  7. 7 Days of Creation
  8. Personal Evangelism
  • Please pray for more volunteers and churches to join the stage performance at two locations and to help out on-stage and off-stage preparations, AV, and setup, etc. May God bestow smooth process and safety and well-being of all the volunteers.
  1. Please pray for elderly care and evangelism. (Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 and 2 locations of Yee Hong)
  • Due to the pandemic, please pray for the outbreaks among the elderlies and nursing homes. Pray that the Lord will protect and care for the sick elders, bestow speedy recovery, and get to know the Lord Jesus in illness.
  • Pray for the elders to be healthy and spiritually strong, and the outbreak would not hinder our care and evangelism during the pandemic.
  • Pray for the Lord granting the volunteers wisdom to care for the elderlies, to help the elders believe in the Lord, and to strengthen their faith.
  • Pray that the facilities could arrange for different elders to meet and talk with our volunteers, so that more elders can be cared for and know the gospel.


  1. Pray for the work of TSTM’s English website and Truth Monthly newspaper
  • Give thanks to the grace of the Lord, Truth Monthly Newspaper currently has 23 columns in total. Pray that the translation and proofreading process of each article can be completed within the time period given.
  • May the Lord give His grace to the authors of each column, with wisdom and messages from the Lord, to bring the gospel, truth, correct outlook of life and values into the hearts of people.
  • May God use our cyber ministries: Website, Facebook & Twitter to touch the hearts of our worldwide readers, to mobilize believers for great commission, and to inspire the seekers to seek God.
  1. Pray for the Lord’s grace on the staff and pastoral team of the short-term mission center.

 Please pray for the pastoral staff in evangelism and preaching ministry.

  • Pray for evangelism training and Sunday preaching in different churches in the new year. May the Lord grant the pastoral staff the strength and wisdom to eagerly arrange and promote the service of the churches.
  • Please pray for the preparation of 9th Annual Jesus Loves Toronto Outreach.
  • Pray for the promotion of video-conferencing and in-person evangelism training in 2022, may the Lord give churches the vision, focusing on the ministry of evangelism, and exercise Lord’s Great Commission.
  • Pray for the mental and physical strength, health and spirituality of each co-worker. May the Lord give us health and strength to fulfill His will. May the Lord keep our drive to preach the gospel, and rely on the Lord to move forward.  Also pray for the health of the co-workers’ families and children.