News and Prayer items for June 2022

  1. Bible Verse Evangelism Series

– Please pray that the Lord would use this course and help students to learn so bible verses are used as an evangelistic tool, fostering new believers’ spiritual and faithful life.


  1. Elderly Care and Missionary Work (Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 and 2 Yee Hong)

-May the Lord grant the elderly good health and spiritual strength, so that our care and missionary work will not be hindered during the epidemic.

-Pray that the volunteers be given grace and wisdom when serving the elderly, so they can believe in God and their faith be strengthened.


  1. Vitality Booster Meetings (生命活力加油站)

Please pray for the theme of June 14: “A Loving Father’s Heart” and June 28: “New” Guide. Please pray for the ministry staff. Pray that the Lord would move more unbelievers to participate and that they would have a heart to pursue their faith and the gospel.


  1. TSTM English website and the ministry of Truth Monthly

– Give thanks to our Lord and pray for the new Instagram, Website, Facebook & Twitter which target the 12-70 age group. Pray that each article will help the readers to know the Lord Jesus and be changed in their lives.

– Pray that each columnist has the wisdom and message from the Lord and bring the Gospel, truth, righteousness and values to the hearts of people.

– Pray for the Lord’s grace and granting gifts in various translation works and that the manuscripts be placed in the media on time.


  1. TSTM staff and alumni


  1. For pastoral staff, their evangelism and preaching work.

– Pray for “Jesus Loves North York” (June 11, 18 & 25, 1pm-4pm). 7-10 students will be invited to join the school for the on-site evangelism event. Pray for the training of our co-workers, students’ evangelism work, the revival of believers, hoping to impose an impact on the community, and witness the power of the gospel.

– Pray for the “9th Jesus Loves Toronto” meeting on June 8. Pray that the pastors would be successful in motivating believers to actively participate in the church. Pray also for the video tele-evangelism on August 30-31 and the on-site evangelism on September 1-3. Pray that the Lord would move believers in Toronto to sign up online and value the soul-saving opportunities.

– Pray for the promotion of video and on-site evangelism training in 2022. Pray that the Lord would give the church a vision to focus on evangelism and fulfil the Lord’s Great Commission.

– Pray for the daytime course “End Times Crisis and Believers’ Evangelism: A Book of Revelation” held from September to December and for the weekend courses in October and November. Pray for the pastoral staff’s wisdom in all the preparation work and moving more believers to seize these training opportunities.


  1. Pray for the strength of heart, body, health and good spirituality of our co-workers. Pray that the Lord would give us health and strength to fulfill His calling. Pray that the Lord would keep our hearts and minds for evangelism and that we would strive forward through Him. Pray also for the health of our co-workers, their families and children.