Toronto STM 2022 May News & Prayer

  1. Evangelism Training Programs and Evangelism

Thanks to the Lord for the successful completion of the Winter Training Program. Please pray for the new program series on “Evangelism With Gospel Scriptures” starting on May 5, 2022, Thursday. May God motivate more believers to participate in it, adhere to the calling of evangelism and be equipped.

  1. Outreach Program at Two Chinese Malls on April 16
  • This year’s theme is Resurrection and Hope. Thanks to the Lord for leading us to smoothly complete the Easter evangelistic event at New Kennedy Square and King’s Square. There were more attendees than Christmas last year.
  • Pray for the follow-up work. May the Lord move the believers to try hard in following up so that both seekers and new believers join a church gathering.
  1. Elderly Care and Missionary Work (at Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 and 2 locations of Yee Hong
  • May the Lord grant the elderly good health and spiritual strength, so that our care and missionary work will not be hindered during the epidemic.
  • Pray that the volunteers be given grace and wisdom when serving the elderly, so they can believe in God and their faith be strengthened.
  1. Vitality Booster Meetings (生命活力加油站)
  • Pray for the May 10 meeting “Good Mom (Mother’s Day)” and the May 24 “My Little Story” meeting. May our Lord move more non-believers to attend these meetings and allow them to develop faith in God.
  1. TSTM English Website and the Ministry of Truth Monthly
  • With God’s grace, currently Truth Monthly has 23 columns in total. Pray that each article can be translated, proofread and published on time.
  • May the columnists be filled with God’s wisdom, bringing the gospel and correct life perspectives to the readers.
  • Pray that the missionary work on various digital platforms be done effectively and that people around the world be attracted by our Website, Facebook & Twitter, moving believers to spread the gospel and non-believers to seek God.
  • Pray that shop-owners are moved and willing to offer distribution points and that enough volunteers are available to help distribute Truth Monthly to various districts in GTA.
  1. TSMC Staff and Alumni 
  2. For pastoral staff, their evangelism and preaching work.
  • Pray for the church ministries such as the evangelism training, preaching on Sundays, and Thursday night training in different churches. May the Lord grant the pastoral staff the strength and wisdom so they can actively reach out and promote ministry to the church.
  • Pray for the current planning work for the 9th “Jesus Loves Chinatown”.
  • Pray for the dual mode of evangelism training (online and in-person) in 2022. May God grant churches a vision so they value the ministry of evangelism, and fulfil the Great Commission.
  1. For co-worker’s physical and mental strength
  • May God grant us strength of mind, body, and good spirituality, adding strength to us when responding to His calling. Pray that the Lord would keep our hearts and minds for evangelism and that we would strive forward through Him. Pray for the health of our co-workers, their children and family.