News & Prayer Request

    1. Pray for TSTM ministries and staff
    2. Please pray for the pastoral staff in the evangelism and preaching ministry

    – Praise the Lord for completion of 2-day smart phone evangelism and 3-day physical evangelism. Although the number of believers participating in the meeting was not as many as before the pandemic, we still saw His hand and presence with us. According to statistics, we have 80 participants registered, total contact of 403 unbelievers, preaching to 120 people , and 7 people who are determined to believe in the Lord, Glory to God! Pray that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of men, hoping that those who do not believe will soon understand the gospel and turn to the true God!

    – Pray for the promotion of online and in-person evangelism training in 2022. May the Lord provide a vision for the churches to emphasize evangelism and exercise the Lord’s Great Commission.

    – Pray for the daytime course (September to December): Last Day Crisis and Believers’ Evangelism – Book of Revelation; and for the weekend courses in October and November. May the Lord grant wisdom to our pastoral staff and their preparation for motivating more believers to receive these training courses.

    – Pray for TSTM Vision Sharing Night – “Return to the Lord’s Field: Look Upon the Harvest”. May gracious Lord move believers to attend and Seize the opportunity to save people and proclaim the gospel of salvation to the unbelieving generation

    1. Pray for the mental, physical, health and spiritual well-being of our co-workers. Pray that the Lord would give us health and strength to fulfill His calling. Pray that the Lord would keep our hearts and minds for evangelism and that we would strive forward through Him. Pray also for the health of our co-workers and their families.
    2. Truth Monthly Newspaper and Social Media Ministry

    – Pray for the preparation of physical Truth Monthly Newspaper publication. Pray that articles published in Instagram, Website, Facebook and Twitter are beneficial to the target age group, helping them to know the Lord Jesus and life be transformed.

    – May God provide each columnist with the wisdom and message that bring the Gospel, truth, righteousness and correct values to the hearts of people.

    – May God grant the gift of language to the translation work and the manuscripts be published in the media on time.

    2 Please pray for the elderly care and evangelism ministry:  Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna,369 和2 Yee Hong Health Centres

    1. Pray for the upcoming meeting of Vitality Booster. Pray that our team is able to develop meaningful contents so that more unbelievers are willing to participate in the meetings and learn about the Gospel.

    – Pray that the Lord would utilize these meetings in building desirable relationships and friendships, to make good use of the sharing time to experience faith, and allow co-workers and believers. May the Lord allow all to show care for each other and invite non-believers to open up their hearts and pray for the Gospel.