E-transfer 须知


  1. 电子转账的邮件地址:finance.tstm@gmail.com
  2. 由於轉賬已設置自動存款,因此無需填寫密碼
    • 請在“問題與答案”一欄中保留空白(如果有)。
    • 假如 “Question & Answer” 是必需項, 請填寫:
      • Question: tstm
      • Answer: offering
  1. 必須附上一條信息,以幫助我們識別奉獻人和資金的分配。

訊息的格式: E-###, G-$$$, M-$$$, T-$$$

E: 您的email 或 邮寄地址.

例如: E- ed1234@gmail.com. (如果缺省这项信息,则奉献收据无法寄出。由于重名等各方面因素,请您每次奉献都必须 填写以帮助我们识别奉献人)

G: 常费奉献: G- $20,

T: 真理报奉献.Eg: T- $20

M: 宣教事工奉献: Eg. M- $20


例如: 假設您的總奉獻金額為例$300则按如下方式填写:

Ejohndoe@gmail.com, G-150, M-50, T-100 ,您想将$150分配给常费,$50分配给宣教事工,$100分配给真理报。


  • 您的金融機構可能會收取電子轉帳費用
  • 如有任何問題或查詢, 請聯絡:Tina Li:  tinalistm@gmail.com

———————————–English  Version——————————————-

Important information about sending offerings to Toronto STM via e-Transfer

  1. Email address for e-Transfer to:  finance.tstm@gmail.com
  2. There is NO password needed for the transfer as auto-deposit has been set up.
    • Please leave the Question & Answer fields blank (if available).
    • If “Question & Answer” are mandatory fields, enter the following:
      • Question: tstm
      • Answer: offering
  1. You must include a message to help us identify the sender and the designation of funds.
    • Message Format: E -$$$, G$$$, T$$$, M$$$,
      • E: Your email or mailing address in place of the dollar sign. For example: E- ed1234@gmail.com. (If omit the email address or mailing address, please put “E-0”, then the donation receipt will not be issued.)
      • G: Amount for General Fund For example: G $20,
      • T: Amount for Truth Monthly. Eg: T $20
      • M: Amount for Mission. Eg. M$20
    • All 3 numbers should add up to total offering amount. If the designation of funds is not specified, then all funds will be put into General Fund.


  • Your financial institution may charge a fee for e-Transfer