E-transfer 须知

Important information about sending offerings to Toronto STM via e-Transfer

  1. Email address for e-Transfer to:  finance.tstm@gmail.com
  2. There is NO password needed for the transfer as auto-deposit has been set up.
    • Please leave the Question & Answer fields blank (if available).
    • If “Question & Answer” are mandatory fields, enter the following:
      • Question: tstm
      • Answer: offering
  1. You must include a message to help us identify the sender and the designation of funds.
    • Message Format: E -$$$, G$$$, T$$$, M$$$,
      • E: Your email or mailing address in place of the dollar sign. For example: E- ed1234@gmail.com. (If omit the email address or mailing address, please put “E-0”, then the donation receipt will not be issued.)
      • G: Amount for General Fund For example: G $20,
      • T: Amount for Truth Monthly. Eg: T $20
      • M: Amount for Mission. Eg. M$20
    • All 3 numbers should add up to total offering amount. If the designation of funds is not specified, then all funds will be put into General Fund.


  • Your financial institution may charge a fee for e-Transfer