Short-Term Mission Staff

General Secretary: Rev. Dr. James Wai-Yin Pang

Rev. James Wai Yin Pang is the current General Secretary of the mission centre.  As a mission organization, the Toronto STM strives to mobilize the Chinese churches in the GTA to engage in local and urban city mission.  We encourage brothers and sisters to evangelize actively, so that the name of Jesus Christ would be exalted everywhere in the world and let many people to hear the precious message of the Gospel.

Rev. James Pang has pastored different churches in Hong Kong, Houston, Chicago, and Vancouver for many years, with a burden to lead the Chinese people to Christ.   In terms of his theological training, he has graduated from Overseas Theological Seminary in Hong Kong, as well as receiving his doctoral degree in Missiology from The Western Conservative Theological Seminary.  He current serves with his wife Pastor Faith Pang together at the Toronto STM.  Pastor Faith has been serving at the STM Centres in Hong Kong and Vancouver for many years.   From serving as the director of evangelism at Vancouver STM, she is now the director of evangelism at Toronto STM.

Serving Motto:  Spreading the Gospel everywhere, shepherding the sheep faithfully

PASSION & RESOLUTION: Preaching the Gospels widely, Shepherding Flocks of sheep

Centre Co-workers:

  • General Secretary: Rev. Dr. James Wai-Yin Pang
  • Director of Evangelism: Pastor Faith Pang
  • Truth Monthly Assistant Editor and Office Assistant: Samantha Mak, Ann Wang
  • Mission Worker: John Lo
  • Truth Monthly Publishing Assistant: Eddie Chan
  • Bookkeeping: Tina Li
  • IT Support & Web Design: Sean Li

Board of Directors (in alphabetic order of last names):

  • Mr. William Chiang
  • Rev. Chadwin Mak
  • Rev. Peter Mah
  • Mr. Michael Tang
  • Rev. Michael Tsang
  • Rev. Timothy Wan
  • Rev. Brian Wong
  • Secretary: Rev. Joseph Wong

Consulting Member:

Dr. K. Y. Cheung-Teng


  • Rev. Samuel Tang