Tina Li

Tina Li


Church: North York Chinese Baptist Church.

Graduation: University of New Brunswick transfer and graduated at York University. Honored in BA program. Toronto. Completed the prescribed courses for the 1st of Smartphone Evangelism Training Program.

Description and Missionary vision: Tina was baptized in 1998 in Harbin, China.  Since then, she serves in various churches choirs both in New Brunswick and Toronto. In 2018, she started her serving at TSTM, at the same time, she is serving at NYCBC Mandarin congregation as the choir leader and the Local Outreach Ministry member.

The world is changing; more and more people are suffering all around the world. I wish to preach gospel to people around me, my friends, my relatives, my neighbors, and people I encounter to, tell them, Jesus loves them, save them, he is the only hope in this difficult time.