Toronto STM 2022 Feb News & Prayer

Toronto Short Term Mission Training Center February Prayer Items

  1. Please pray for this term’s Tuesdays and Thursdays classes and the evangelism outreach.
  • This term will focus on evangelism and prayers by telephone on Tuesday and Thursday, may the Lord guide the students and alumni continue to work tirelessly to spread the gospel, and be vigilant and wait for the Lord’s return!


  1. Please pray for elderly care and evangelism. (Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 and 2 locations of Yee Hong)
  • Due to the pandemic, pray for the outbreak among the elderly and nursing homes. Pray that the Lord will protect and care for the sick elders, let them recover promptly, and get to know the Lord Jesus in illness.
  • Pray for the elders to be healthy and spiritually strong, and not to hinder our care and evangelism during the pandemic.
  • Pray for the Lord to grant the volunteers to care for the elders wisely, to help the elders believe in the Lord, and to strengthen their faith.
  • Pray that the facilities could arrange for different elders to meet and talk with our volunteers, so that more elders can be cared for and know the gospel.
  1. Pray for the “Life Vitality Gas Station” outreach ministry of the short-term mission center.
  • Thank the Lord for the 21 people attending this past Tuesday and they were very involved. There were 3-4 newcomers and 4-6 unbelievers.  Please pray for the hearts of the unbelievers, may the Lord open their hearts, willing to continue to be with us so that they could know more about the truth and the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Please pray for gathering on February 22 “Healthy Self-Worth”. Also pray for the spiritual preparation of the ministry workers. At the same time, may the Lord move more friends from Canada and Hong Kong who have not believed in the Lord to attend this feast of gospel, so that they will have the heart to pursue the truth.
  1. Pray for the work of the short-term mission center’s English website and Truth Monthly newspaper
  • Pray for the Lord to grant us suitable and talented volunteers so that the English training ministries and gospel messages can be promoted.
  • Pray for Truth Monthly to launch eight new columns in 2022. May the Lord give His grace to the authors of each column, with wisdom and messages from the Lord, to bring the gospel, truth, correct outlook of life and values into the hearts of people.  There columns are: Mainland Compatriot in Canada, Creation Care, Youth Students, HEART-AT-EASE, Wide-Angle Lens of Current Affairs, Faith and Science, Dependents for the Elderlies, and Beauty Moment, etc.
  1. Pray for the Lord’s grace for the staff and alumni of the short-term mission center.
    • Please pray for the pastoral staff in evangelism and preaching ministry.
    • Pray for evangelism training and Sunday preaching in different churches in the new year. May the Lord grant the pastoral staff the strength and wisdom to eagerly arrange and promote the service of the churches.
    • Pray for the promotion of video conferencing and in-person evangelism training in 2022, may the Lord give the church the vision, focusing on the ministry of evangelism, and exercise the Lord’s Great Commission.
    • Pray for the mental and physical strength, health and wonderful spirituality of each co-worker. May the Lord give us health and strength to fulfill His will.  May the Lord keep our drive to preach the gospel, and rely on the Lord to move forward.  Also pray for the health of the co-workers, family and children.
    • TSTM is seeking a part-time co-worker for computer networking, computerized graphic design and drawing, video and audio creation and production, computer system support, and have a heart of missions, and may the Lord prepare.