Diary: Street Evangelism in China Town

Woon Yuen Cheng, Missionary, PhD, Director Pro Tem

Vancouver Short Term Mission Centre


First thing in the morning, looked out from my window, cloudy but no rain.

Today is street evangelism day in China Town. It has been two years since our last team street evangelism. Awaiting in high spirit.

One more time standing at the main hall of Christ Church of China, I have lots of memory. This used to be where we gathered before taking off to distribute our “Truth Monthly” every first Saturday of the month before the pandemic. This is the same place where we gathered, prayed, gave blessing, before taking off to China Town every past Christmas to “proclaim the gospel and send out our warmth” to the homeless. I am deeply grateful for the support that Christ Church of China has given us.

Sister Nancy is in sight. She has scheduled a doctor visit but cancelled at the last minute since she does not want to be left out of the excitement to be with brothers and sisters in team evangelism. I saw two brothers in Christ, not very well physically, yet they have come today. Among them, there is a couple, a mother with her daughter, some senior folks … the gospel and love of Christ encourages every one.

After equipping with tools for gospel, team members divided into groups of two, and after prayers disappeared into the crowd. It was still raining, I followed their footsteps of prayer, watching them at a distance sharing the gospel to whoever they encountered. I prayed: “Lord, I ask you to use each and every brothers and sisters in here, may the Holy Spirit touch the heart of every one they meet.”

Street Evangelism

I saw Pastor Sam who was wearing colorful gloves, sharing gospel with an elderly. The elderly was trying to bypass him, yet with his patience he continued to circle around, and shared the testimony of his mother. In my mind this is a picture of people waltzing, yet it is the love of peoples’ soul that circles and flows.

There were a lot of homeless on the street, I would be skeptical and scared usually, but when it’s time to visit them and share the gospel, all the fear disappeared. I was very eager to have conversation with them. I listened to their stories, and they listened to our gospel.

I saw an elderly panhandler, his jacket fell off and I went over to pick it up for him, and I shared my breakfast with him together with the gospel leaflet, he received with gratitude but he still wanted money. He showed me his injured abdomen and he wanted money. The scriptures of the Acts popped into my mind, where Peter and John encountered a crippled man at the gate of the temple, and the crippled man reached out for alms, Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” (Acts 3:6), and the crippled man got up and walked, giving praises to God! I prayed for that elderly, I do not have the healing power of the disciples, I could only pray to our merciful God to save him.

Homeless of Chinatown

An hour passed quickly, everybody started coming back. Everyone shared with abundant joy, because we experienced walking with our Lord.

Rain started pouring after we finished our day of sharing the gospel, our Lord protected us and gave us a safe trip home.