Toronto STM November News & Prayer Request

Give thanks and praise to the Lord. With the Lord’s grace, the prayers and faith actions of the co-workers and believers, the cannabis shop at Unit C-6 next to the short-term mission center finally moved out of our 60-merchants plaza on October 31, 2021. And because of the newly established By-Laws, no marijuana shop can be established among us from now on. Thanks and praise to the Lord! Non-Christian merchants are amazed by the power and truth of the Lord Jesus, and the Lord’s name is exalted, glorified and honored! Glory be to God. Once again, thank you for your support and prayer, the Lord is our banner!


  1. Please pray for Fall courses from September-December: “Video & Teleconferencing Phone Group Follow-up Cultivation II”, “Discerning Heretical Sects II”; and from January to April online lessons: “The Image of God and Personal Evangelism” and “The 4th Weekend Smartphone & Video Conferencing Evangelism”


  • Pray for the new semester and ask the Lord to let the students have the will to pursue learning eagerly,
  • Pray for wisdom to build up the spiritual growth faith of the new believers and strengthen the faith of the new believers so that they may engage smoothly into church life.


  1. Please pray for the hybrid model of the Christmas evangelism week in the short-term mission center.
  • Christmas evangelistic week takes place on December 14-18. Theme: Hope, Love and Peace.
  • The prayer items are as follow:
    • Pray that the Lord will guard the minds and actions of the alumni and students who participated in the physical evangelism. They are the vanguard and at the forefront of many difficulties and challenges. Pray that more believers are moved to bravely join this physical evangelism.
    • Pray that more believers are willing to open their front porch and other covered structures as preaching meeting points, so that more and more families will hear the Christmas good news and give glory to God.
    • Pray for video and smartphone evangelism, may God raise more believers to join phone caroling.
    • Pray for various arrangements during this week, and ask the Lord to give each co-worker wisdom, and good teamwork to accomplish this mission.


3. Please pray for elderly care and evangelism. (Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 and 2 locations of Yee Hong)

  • Pray for the elders to be healthy and spiritually strong
  • Pray for the Lord to grant the volunteers to care for the elders wisely, to help the elders believe in the Lord, and to strengthen their faith.
  • Pray that the facilities could arrange for different elders to meet and talk with our volunteers, so that more elders can be cared for and know the gospel.

4. Pray for the “Life Vitality Gas Station” outreach ministry of the short-term mission center.

  • Please pray for the theme of November 9: “Accept Each Other” and the theme of November 23: “The Role of Self”, may God use this message to encourage and move the non-believers, and let the believers who are serving, to have wonderful sharing and ministry.
  • Pray for the soul of each participant, have the heart opened to the gospel and believe in the Lord as soon as possible.
  • At the same time, may the Lord move more friends from Canada and Hong Kong who have not believed in the Lord to attend this feast of gospel, so that they will have the heart to pursue the truth.

5. Pray for the work of the short-term mission center’s English website

  • Pray for the Lord to grant us suitable and talented volunteer so that the English training ministries and gospel messages can be promoted.

6. Pray for the Lord’s grace to pray for the staff and alumni of the short-term mission center.

  • Please pray for the pastoral staff in evangelism and preaching ministry.

-Thank the Lord for the successful completion of Montreal’s missionary gathering and to protect Pastor Peng to return to Toronto safely; at the same time, for Ms. Peng’s wonderful sharing of gratitude in the online gathering.  Pray that the Lord can use our message to revive and build up the believers’ spirit of evangelism, mission and vision.

  • Please pray for the arrangements, plans and contacts for Christmas evangelistic week and on-stage programs in December, and pray that the Lord will allow us to carry out this evangelistic operation smoothly during the pandemic. The current pandemic will bring uncertainties, please pray that the Lord gives us clear guidance.
  • Please pray for volunteers who are willing to participate in contacting the churches to join and support on-stage programs.
  • Pray for continual promotion of smartphone evangelism training, as well as hybrid evangelism and teaching models in most GTA churches.Pray for the Lord to strengthen the preparation in all aspects, and have the wisdom and ability given by the Lord to serve Him.