Toronto STM Septemper News & Prayer Request

Pray for evangelism training and evangelism in the Short-term Mission Centre

  1. Prayer of thanksgiving for the successful completion of the 8th Jesus Loves Chinatown.

-Pray that  believers and churches can actively follow up and pray

-Thank the Lord for giving our  co-workers a wonderful collaboration

-The total number of participants is about 125. Glory to GOD in the Highest.

  1. Pray for the Autumn Course: “Video Phone Group Follow-up and Cultivation II” and “Discerning Heresy & Cults II” from September to December.

-Pray for the students to participate in the cultivation work during the summer vacation, so that they will become good trainers, can wisely establish  spiritual growth in the new believers, and strengthen the faith of  new believers. Let  new believers, relatives and friends be cultivated and begin church life smoothly.

-Please pray for the new semester from September to December. Pray for the Lord to let us have in-depth thinking and understanding in all aspects and grow spiritually.

  1. Please pray for the launching of the Short-term Mission Vision Sharing night and graduation ceremony.

-Pray that the Lord will grant us detailed prayers for the arrangement of the meeting, so that it can be smooth and well arranged

-Pray for graduates to actively invite pastors and believers to participate

-Pray for the Lord’s grace to prepare Rev. Dr. Peng’s message, that it can encourage people’s hearts to love the Lord and love others by saving souls.

-Pray for God’s Grace to grant smooth operation of the network.

  1. Please pray for elderly care and its evangelism. (Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 & Yee Hong)

-Pray that the elders will be healthy and spiritually strong

-Pray for the Lord to grant volunteers wisdom to care for the elders, to help the elders believe in the Lord, and to strengthen their faith.

-it is  hoped that these establishments  can arrange for different elders to meet and talk with our volunteers, so that more elders can be cared for and know the gospel.

  1. Pray for the “Life Vitality Gas Station” of the Short-term Mission

Centre outreach ministry.

-The theme for September 14th is: Reunion of People and Moon; Speaker is Pastor Li Jingbo; Tina Li as Chairperson; Sister Zhang Xiaoling leads the hymn singing  and Pastor Faith Peng does simultaneous interpretation. May the Lord use the serving members to share and serve beautifully.

-Pray for the soul of each participant, let them listen to the Gospel with open hearts , and believe in the Lord as soon as possible. There were 16 attendees for the gathering on August 24th. Among them were 5 new friends.  Thanks to the Lord.  It is prayed that these new friends would have a keen understanding of the Gospel.

-At the same time, may the Lord move more Canadians and Hong Kong friends who are yet to believe, to attend this Gospel feast so that they will have hearts to pursue the Truth in faith.

  1. Pray for the work of the Short-term Mission Centre’s English website.

The Chinese webpage of the Short-term Mission Centre is expanding into English webpages. We are now looking to start a team of  5 volunteers.  Thanks to the Lord for the participation of three volunteers so far, may the Lord grant two more to translate various ministry work and articles for the Truth Newspaper. It is prayed that the Lord will grant us suitable volunteer talents so that English training ministry and Gospel messages can be promoted.

  1. Pray for the Lord’s Grace be upon the staff and alumni of the Short-term Mission Centre.

-Please pray for the pastoral staff/co-workers in evangelism and preaching ministry.

-Thanks to the Lord for His Grace. Co-workers have completed training for two churches.

-Please pray for the preparation and arrangement of the Short-term Vision Sharing Night and Graduation Ceremony. The theme is: the Dual Hybrid of Evangelism.

-Please pray for the preparation , plans and liaison of the Christmas Evangelistic week in December. May the Lord allow us to carry out this evangelical action during the Pandemic  to save one more soul for Himself.

-Pray for the continued promotion of video and telephone evangelism training, as well as the dual hybrid evangelical teaching model in most city churches. Pray for the Lord to strengthen the preparation in all aspects, and to grant wisdom and ability to serve Him.

-Pray for the mental and physical strength  and health as well as good spirituality of all co-workers.

Pray for the Lord to increase our health and strength to fulfill His Calling. Pray that the Lord will sustain our desire to preach the Gospel and for us to rely on Him to work hard and move forward. In addition, prayers also go to the health of staff’s family members and children.

– Pray for the evangelical aspirations of the short-term mission alumni. Pray that they will not forget their past missionary visions and aspirations, and will continue to actively participate in short-term preaching actions so as to ignite the preaching enthusiasm in their respective churches.