Toronto STM Centre August News & Prayer Request

August 11, 2021

1.Pray for the 8th Jesus Loves China Town Evangelical Ministry

*pray to motivate learners, graduates and Mission friends to participate in the Evangelical events on August 16, 23, 30.

*pray for GOD to touch all churches to join the above activities.

*Pray for God’s blessings on various pastoral teams to invite believers to participate

*pray for God’s power so all co-workers can be complimentary to each other’s work.

*Pray for an increased number of participants from the current 106 persons.

2.Pray for FALL courses (September to December)

Video Telephone Small Group Cultivation Follow Up (Part 2) , Discerning Cults (Part 2)

*Pray for the New course

3.Pray for Caring and Evangelical Missions to Seniors (in Rekai, Tender Care, Kennedy Lodge, Sienna, 369 & Yee Hong)

*May God bless seniors with physical health and Spiritual Wellness

*May God bless all volunteers with wisdom in caring, to assist Seniors to believe in Lord Jesus and to strengthen seniors’ Faith.

  • Pray for these establishments to arrange various Seniors to see Volunteers who conduct conversations that let Seniors feel cared for and can come to know the Gospel.

4.Pray for the outreach ministry of “Life Vitality Gas Station”

*The theme for August 24 (Tuesday) is Life’s Journey.

Speaker: Rev. Wing Kwong TSANG.

*May God use the serving body of brothers and sisters for a wonderful sharing.

*May the hearts of all participants be opened to receive the Gospel and believe in Our Lord soon.

*May God bless more seekers from Hong Kong to join Life Vitality Gas Station in Zoom on HK time Wednesday 9 am with us in Toronto as between 10 to 20 thousands of them will be emigrating to Canada. Pray for God to bless them with Faith and hearts that seek Truth in the Gospel Banquet.

  1. Pray for God to bless the staff and alumna of TST Mission Centre

*Pray for the Pastoral Team, it’s Evangelical work and sermons

*To continue with training that promotes Video Telephone Evangelism and to start dual-kinaesthetic learning paradigm. May God increase strength in all preparation work, and bless us with Wisdom and power to serve Him.

*Pray for co-workers’ body, mind and spirit. May God grant them health and power to fulfill Your Calling.

* Sustain their dedication in Preaching the Gospel. For them to strive ahead with good health.  We also pray for the Good Health of their children and family members.

*Pray for Alumna to persevere in their commitment to Evangelism with Vision. Pray they will not forget their former Vision and dedication.  May they continue their participation and also ignite this Passion in their home churches.