【Tips of Evangelism】「Ways To Preach As You Go」

“The twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions…As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’” (Matt. 10:5-7)

The Bible teaches us that when we “proclaim as we go” and “preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season,” we will meet different people and reactions.  How could we be courageous and skillful in handling them?

It is necessary to walk with the Lord in prayer, and practice, speak of salvation knowledgeably, be equipped with the tools of the gospel, and be able to cope with meekness and humility.

  1. REMEMBER – you must pray that the Lord will send you and give you power and authority. (ref. – Romans 10:15 / Matt 28:18-20)

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you boldness, eloquence, wisdom, and guidance to your gospel targets. (ref. – Ephesians 6:19 / Acts 10:44)

  1. GOSPEL VENUES – restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, schools, clinics, hospitals, buses, bus stops, airports, planes, travel, and short-term missions.
  2. COURTEOUS & POLITE – you must take the gospel tracts as a gift and give them to others; first, introduce yourself politely.
  3. If there is not enough time you could take out a salvation tract and say, “I have good news for you,” and be sure to tell the other person about the salvation of the Lord Jesus.
  4. Use other topics (daily life, weather, start with things around you and in front of you, news, etc., and talk comfortably as talking with friends) to talk about salvation.
  5. When you have finished explaining salvation

Do not immediately ask if the other person believes in Jesus.  You should tell the person saying: “Believing in Jesus requires one prayer. The content of the prayer is that you acknowledge that Jesus is the creator and believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and you are willing to confess your sins to Jesus and repent. If willing, you can say this prayer with me and believe in Jesus.”

  1. After praying – ask the person boldly: “Where is the Lord Jesus? Has the Lord Jesus forgiven your sins? Where will you be with the Lord in the future when you leave this world?”
  2. Teach the person to rely on the Lord Jesus every day – pray, read the Bible, invite the person to church, exchange calls to follow up with the person, and pray more for the growth of these new believers.
  3. If the other person fails to believe in Jesus immediately – send the person the salvation tract gently and politely, and encourage him to believe in Jesus alone according to the prayer at the back of the tract at any time.


  1. Bring the gospel tools with you, and remind yourself to “proclaim as you go” with the mission of evangelism every day.
  2. Evangelism is sowing or reaping. Every day, grasp every person who appears around you, let them receive the gospel as soon as possible, glorify God and benefit others.