【A Joyous Golden Age】The Elements of Wonderful Retirement Life

Pastor Stephen Chung


A few days ago, I attended a dinner party hosted by a visually impaired group called “Banquet in the Dark.” The purpose is to let those of us who can see experience how those who can’t see go through some of the daily life, like having a simple meal. During the whole process, we were blindfolded and experienced complete darkness. In the beginning, the staff led us to the designated place, and when all the attendees were there, we closed our eyes and played the game by touch only, followed by dinner time.

There were four dishes in the “Secret Night Banquet” that day, and the pastor in charge kept reminding us: ‘Although there is no way to use sight, you should use touch, smell, hearing, and feeling to enjoy the taste of different dishes.’ I used different senses to experience; the most profound was that I had different feelings about distance because I could not see. I was trying to keep my head down to make the plate as close as possible to finish that delicious plate of spaghetti without messing up the cups and plates. Isn’t keeping a close distance also the focus of our communication with people?

Some people say that three significant elements of wonderful retirement life are the old spouse, the old capital, and the old friend. To experience endless joys as an elderly, have more interactions with old friends like having a cup of tea with snack together, chatting, and having a more frequent gathering with older people.

I have an old friend that I would like to introduce to you, Jesus Christ. Try to meet Him, and He will help you for sure!