Tips of Evangelism – Preaching to Different Ethnic Groups

Author – Pond Chan

In the early days of my conversion in Vancouver, I participated in streetside evangelism training at the Short-Term Mission Center. I wanted to preach the gospel to people of different ethnic backgrounds.  I thought that most Westerners believed in Jesus. However, many Westerners responded:

“I’m an atheist and don’t believe in Jesus.” “I used to believe in Jesus and converted to Buddhism,” “don’t talk about Jesus with me…etc.”

Since I saw so many westerners who didn’t know the Lord Jesus, it inspired me to preach the gospel to them bravely.  Therefore, I raised the opportunities to meet people of different ethnic groups, including westerners, Indians, Africans, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Koreans; most of whom in Vancouver could converse in English.


How to approach people of different ethnicities and start the conversation?

When we keep in mind:

You must pray that the Lord will send you and give you power and authority. (ref. to Romans 10:15 / Matthew 28:18-20)

Ask the Holy Spirit to provide you with boldness, eloquence, wisdom, and guidance to those of your gospel targets. (ref. Ephesians 6:19/Acts 10:44)

When preaching the gospel, knowing in the heart that the Lord will walk with us and relying on the lead of the Holy Spirit will give us enough confidence and courage.

  1. Politely Smile method: Most people of different ethnicities are friendly and respond to you with a smile and politeness.
  2. Inquiry method: I would say, “I am Chinese, and I would like to know the beliefs of different ethnicities. May I ask what your beliefs are?”
  3. Different Beliefs: If the other person’s response is another belief, I would tell him that I didn’t believe in Jesus before and talk about my salvation testimony to attract him + “preach salvation.”
  4. Atheist: I would ask what does the person rely on to survive every day? Tell the person that the sun, water, air, and food are all provided by God + “preach salvation.”
  5. The one who drives me away: I would gently give the person the “Salvation Leaflet” to encourage them to pray according to the back of the leaflet, and God will bless the person (the content of the prayer is salvation).


Remarks: Give everyone confidence and encouragement to preach the gospel to those of different ethnics

  1. Many times after I talked about “Salvation” to people of different ethnicities, the Holy Spirit moved them to believe in Jesus, and most of them were delighted and friendly.
  2. Use more questions to ask them what they rely on to survive daily? Most people need help to give answers to the sun, water, air, and food. This question can easily lead them to know God.
  3. Take the opportunity to “preach salvation” to young people of different ethnicities. Many young people do not follow the faith of their parents. It is a great opportunity.
  4. For those who still do not believe in the Lord after the conversation, encourage them to pray and ask, “Jesus Christ, are you the only true God and Creator?” Jesus said that what you seek will be found.
  5. Bring the salvation leaflet with you and explain, and boldly invite the other person to pray according to the back of the brochure to accept the salvation of Jesus’ forgiveness of sins and find a way to lead them back to the church.
  6. Immediately teach those willing to believe in Jesus how to pray. The purpose is to let them experience the help of the Lord Jesus early and testify to the truth of the Lord.