Our Team-TSTM

 Our Team

Centre Co-workers:

  • General Secretary: Rev. Dr. James Wai-Yin Pang
  • Director of Evangelism: Pastor Faith Pang
  • Truth Monthly Assistant Editor and Office Assistant: Samantha Mak, Ann Wang
  • Mission Worker: John Lo
  • Truth Monthly Publishing Assistant: Eddie Chan
  • Bookkeeping: Tina Li
  • IT Support & Web Design: Sean Li

Board of Directors (in alphabetic order of last names):

  • Mr. William Chiang
  • Rev. Chadwin Mak
  • Rev. Peter Mah
  • Mr. Michael Tang
  • Rev. Michael Tsang
  • Rev. Timothy Wan
  • Rev. Brian Wong
  • Secretary: Rev. Joseph Wong

Consulting Member:

Dr. K. Y. Cheung-Teng


  • Rev. Samuel Tang