God’s Perfect Timing

Walfrey Ng – North Toronto Chinese Alliance Church

Praise the Lord, one of the new believers accepted Jesus Christ on our church’s April 20 evangelistic meeting. He was the person that Mr. Hung reached out during that afternoon in Metro Square. It’s amazing. During the Metro Square mall outreach, I was with Mr. Hung walking around the mall, trying to invite children to the booth to receive the balloons. At that moment, Mr. Hung reached out to an elderly man. When we invited him to our church evangelistic meeting at night, the elderly man said he lived close to Yonge and Finch which is at the intersection of our church. What a coincident. After that, I completely forgot about him because I would never think he would come to our church.

After the gospel meeting at night, the same elderly man was sitting on the bench pointing at me when I passed by the sanctuary entrance. Pastor Rose was chatting with him. He was sitting outside of the counseling rooms at the bench because the rooms were full. I was so delighted to have a chance to meet him again and sat through Pastor Rose’s counseling session with him. I heard he said “I accept Jesus” when Pastor Rose reconfirmed his belief. It is truly amazing!!

I never thought of reaching out to an elderly man in Metro Square because I was focusing on bringing children to the game booth. I hoped to give them the balloons so that others brothers & sisters can share the gospel. But through meeting Mr. Hung, God led an elderly man to accept Christ and he lives within a walking distance from our church!! Without God’s amazing plan, it can’t be so many coincidences. Praise to the Lord!!