From a helpless and hopeless life regains a true meaning of eternal destiny

By: Evelyn Law 

I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family. During my time when I was studying in senior kindergarten;while my teacher was having lesson with the class, showing a picture of Jesus, I was delighted at the sight of it. At that moment, I was very touched by the look of Jesus in the picture. I knew God exists but I did not have a close relationship with the Lord. In blind faith, I went to church for years without truly accepting Jesus into my life. No matter what happened, I was crazily in love with Sunday Mass attendance and even after I immigrated to Canada, I did not want to miss going to church. I admit I am not a school person but a church person. I knew God loves us but I have struggle seeking for His Word. Then, depression hits me;to such extent that life became dull and meaningless to me. I thought about ending my life. But, I did not have the courage and motivation to commit suicide. It was an extremely painful experience until one day when my mother died from a car accident on Chinese New Year’s day, February 16th, 1999. It happened in the evening when she was returning home from work. The news was like a bolt in the blue. It came so suddenly I was ill prepared for it. I cried and cried and cried. Through my mother’s death, God brought me back to His Truth and Love. I woke up to my sinful self. I repented my sins to the Lord. I started my new life in a Bible Christian Church on Dundas Street, Chinatown;I then left the Roman Catholic Church.

I bought The Holy Bible, started attending Fellowship besides Sunday school and Sunday Service. I became a happier person. Slowly, I was free from my medication. I praise God for His mercy and unconditional love. My family and I even experience lots of love and countless blessings from the Lord. Sharing the Gospel with relatives adds meaning to my life. Three other members of my family have come to the Lord and left the Roman Catholic Church. I have felt a kind of unprecedented joy and true happiness that the world can never give to me. Jesus has granted to me true Life and Peace. My repulsive sensitivity towards sin has grown stronger and stronger. I have no regret in knowing Jesus and accepting Him into my life. He is my Lord and my Savior. He is the best Gift ever received throughout my whole life. I said a prayer to Jesus, “Praise the Lord for His Great Love and Faithfulness. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen”

After I became a born-again Christian, I started sharing the Gospel with people in the streets, malls, subways and buses;at times, even in super-markets. In the beginning, I felt lonely but after I prayed to God, He has led me to Anna. She was a graduate from Toronto Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Centre. She showed me Short Term Mission can help me spread the Good News. I joined their training programs and enjoyed being with the sisters in class and in mission. I have gained a lot of confidence in working for the Lord. God has given me a baby boy. But post-partum blue set in. However, by the grace of God, He has helped me through. Now, I am back to my normal self. I have devoted my time raising my child in God’s Word. Every Sunday, I attend Sunday Service with my child, on a regular basis;without fail.