Smartphone Evangelism Testimony-8

Anita Leung

A sister in Christ called me and asked if I would consider joining TSTM phone evangelism. Just prior to her call, I was studying the book of James on putting faith into action.  However, I was struggling in my mind, rationalizing with God that this course is too long, I am not finished with my current bible study; I do not know how to talk to people and it is in Chinese. So I quickly declined joining. Later, my friend called again and asked me to reconsider and CMO also sent me an invitation text. Inside the message CMO mentioned that the purpose of learning the bible is to preach the gospel…. After that I was still wrestling with God, I was not able to sleep well.  The spirit was reminding me again that the purpose of studying the bible is to know God; to learn to put my faith in action; learning to trust God to guide, learning to rely on him and to do His will. Finally I surrendered to the spirit; joined the course and was able to sleep well again.

Our God is gracious, He provides me with brothers and sisters who work, support and inspire each other in this training.  Indeed I see many my own inadequacies during phone conversations but it is God’s grace that I have this opportunity to share this great God that I know in my life with others. I need to learn to stay close to God for His strength, courage and trust in His own guidance. Learning to ask for faith and putting it in action. This course also helps me to learn to persevere; focus on Christ in the midst of hardness of hearts for Jesus. It also allows me to experience such great joy when hearts are softened; and wanting to know more about Jesus.

During one phone conversation with a prospect whom he and his family had visited our church in the past, he seemed eager to join our church father’s day online gospel Sunday worship as we invited him to find out more about Jesus. Moreover while we offered to pray with him, he wanted to call his wife to join in the prayer too. However his wife was at work so she could not join. After the prayer, we continued with the conversation and he initiated and asked ways he could continue to learn about the bible. We discussed different ways to learn more about Jesus. At the end he wanted to set up a WhatsApp group among us and we could send him spiritual materials. Once we hung up, he set up the group chat already with his whole family (including his teenage son) in it too. Now his family is able to connect with us and most importantly to God’s words. Daily Bible study on the book of Luke and other spiritual materials have been sent to him so far. Our Lord is amazing; he continues to pursue his lost sheep. He paves the way. People are searching for God. They need to know our true Lord. “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” Luke 10:2. He is at work and His words are powerful. “So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

The dedication and fervent hearts of Pastor, CMO and brothers and sisters from different backgrounds, places and languages also have inspired me greatly. There is great unity, love, learning and humility in my own team members who are from the same church and in the big family of God (TSTM), all focusing the same goal, striving to share in many ways the good news of God’s salvation to our loved ones, our neighbours and our communities. It is wonderful to hear the sharing from the other students of this course; seeing how the grace and power of God at work while we all have this privilege to glorify Him through this phone evangelism.

Yes, I am inadequate, fearful, an introvert, passive in nature, lack of faith and love, impatient, gives up easily; however our God is all adequate, all-powerful, all passionate; intentional, patient, persistent, full of grace and love; faithful to all his promises, sovereign; has His own timing and plans. The course stretches me not to look at myself but to hold onto who God is and rest in His grace and sovereignty. Our God is the giver of our faith. May He continue to sustain, strengthen and deepen our faith so that we can live by faith anchored in the promises of His future grace; boldly sharing the Good News of hope and peace in this troubled world. May God’s name be glorified as more people hear His amazing love and grace!