I Know Lord Holds Tomorrow

Elaine Li 第29屆週末短宣同學

I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour in Hong Kong, in 1978.

I was studying in a Christian high school so Bible was one of the subjects in forms 1 & 2. At that time, Bible stories were like historical facts and academic knowledge, and meant nothing to me. My father passed away when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was a good child because I did not cause any trouble to my mother. I was a good student with good grades in school. Though we were poor, but I was happy and content with what I had at that time.

When I was in F6, I studied hard for the various public exams for university. I felt lost and did not know the meaning and purpose of life. I asked myself what I was doing and studying for? Was it because I wanted to have further education so I can have a good job with high pay? Was life a circle of study, works and more works? I did not understand what was the reason of all these study and works. I did not have answer to all these questions. Many of my Christian school friends shared the gospel with me. I had all the “information” of gospel in my head: man had sins, Jesus died for man’s sin on the cross and was alive after 3 days. But, what does it mean to me? Until one night, I was studying in the school canteen alone as usual, miracle happened: The song – “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” suddenly clicked into my heart. God is holding my hand and my future. God’s grace came to me and He had been waiting for me for the last 6 years. I realized that it was my sins that caused the emptiness and darkness in my heart so I did not see any light and hope in life. I admitted that I was a sinner and asked Jesus to forgive my sin. I prayed and accepted Him into my heart as my saviour. Right away, I felt the peace and joy in my heart. I was baptized a year later. Then I immigrated to Canada with my mother in 1979.

I was so thankful that I became a Christian when I was in my youth years. It was really a blessing to know Him. He give me strength , faith and hope in the various life’s difficulties and challenges. When our house was burnt down in 1992, I was so sad and worried. But in the Bible, God tells us don’t be afraid as He is with us. Later, the house was rebuilt and it was better than it was before. I was unemployed in 1996, but with his grace, our family did not experience any financial hardship. His providence was abundant and more than I expected. I was able to take some computer trainings to enhance my knowledge and skills which was a great help in my job later. God blesses our family as all of us are Christians.

With His blessings and grace, I was working until early January 2018 when I retired. With the time I have, I am willing to serve Him when I am still in good health. I participated in the Jesus Loves Toronto event I prayed and decided to take the training to equip myself in sharing the gospel with people.