Christmas carolling outreach week 2016 – reflection

By: Cecilia Tang

I am very thankful that I joined the Christmas Gospel week with TSTM this week. There are lots of things for me to learn to spread His love to restaurants and shops in this joyous season. Though the weather is freezing cold, the fervor and the enthusiasm of brothers and sisters for evangelism is touching and heart warming.

All of us are undeterred by lukewarm responses and rejection; we managed to go courageously as a team to share our faith. I am especially thankful that I could share the whole Gospel to an Indian lady who worked in a pizza restaurant. Thanks God she is willing to listen attentively for a long time and I was able to present the Gospel clearly without interruptions. She understood that sin is the barrier between us and our loving and righteous God, and the only way to reconcile to God is to accept Jesus as our personal savior.

In short, these two days were absolutely amazing for God would use someone like me who is weak, timid and super anxious in a way that I could never think of. Thanks God for His mercy and love. May God use all brothers and sisters to bless others so that all people will understand the true meaning of Christmas!