Toronto Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre Release of Liability 豁免書

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    Activity 活動項目:2023 耶穌愛華埠

    I(Participant)understand that my participation in the above activity may have undesired and unanticipated consequences. Notwithstanding this I hereby release and forever discharge Toronto Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Centre, and all affiliates, members, directors, officers, leaders, agents, volunteers and employees from any and all actions, causes of action, suits, claims, demands, liabilities, including negligence, and expenses I have now or may have in future in connection with, arising from or related to my involvement with or participation in this activity.
    我明白我參加上述的活動可能會引至非我期望和不可預知的後果. 儘管如此, 我特此豁免和永遠解除多倫多短宣中心以及其所有組織分會, 會員, 董事, 主管, 領導, 代理, 義工和職員的任何及所有訴訟, 訴訟理由, 控告, 各種要求, 需求, 責任, 包括疏忽, 和由於或有關我參加或牽涉到這個活動在現在或可能在將來所涉及的費用.

    I(Participant) give Toronto Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Centre the permission to publish my photos and videos recorded using Zoom in any Toronto Chinese Christian Short-Term Training Centre publications and social media. 我賦予多倫多短宣中心特權將當天通过Zoom或在佈道現場所拍攝有關我的照片及录像刊登於短宣中心之任何印刷及綱上媒體.


    Signature of the Participant/ Parent/Guardian
    (Also apply to the participant who is under 18 ,18歲以下之參加者請家長簽署)